Corporate transactions – financial and operational due diligence, post deal integration, valuation, transaction assistance and finance raising

Identify investment opportunities

Evaluate potential investments before signature of head of agreement/MOU (walk away clause: subject to due diligence findings)

Execute the transaction

Investment harvest

How we can help:

  • Strategy review
  • Identify and screen targets
  • Approach target
  • Deal structuring
  • Valuation of identified target
  • Due diligence
- Financial
- Operational
- Legal
- Commercial
- Tax
  • Post deal integration
  • Value creation

Transaction assistance – Are you contemplating the sale of your company?

  • Preparation of a selling document or information memorandum (IM) to highlight financial and strategic value for a potential buyer;
  • Assist in preparing a financial model that will be utilised by the potential buyer to assess the viability of their investment;
  • Valuation of the company;
  • Vendor due diligence (if required by seller);
  • Road show – presentation of the company to interested parties; and
  • Assist the seller in negotiating and closing the deal.


  • Identify key business issues that may assist in formulating contractual negotiations;
  • Focuses attention on business factors critical to the future success of the company;
  • Enable the buyer to gain a better insight into the company and identify potential black holes; and
  • Identify potential deal breakers

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